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From the imagination of Love Maggio-Hudson comes the long-awaited sequel to Karma Under Fire.

Bombay Baby continues the saga of Harlow Kennedy, a rising star in jewelry design, and Vikram Chatwal, billionaire scion of one of India’s richest families. 

Once again, trend-conscious America collides with the traditions of the subcontinent as Harlow and Vikram face a myriad of challenges. Sometimes together – sometimes at odds – the couple grapples with familial discord, professional dilemmas, personal heartache, and echoes of past romances, all of which threaten to unravel their future.

Bombay Baby is a seductive tale of passion, power, and the price of ambition, set against the sparkling backdrop of India's most enchanting Bollywood film season. 

Will Harlow and Vik's love endure the relentless pressures, or will they sacrifice everything in a daring bid for eternal happiness?

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