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Love Hudson-Maggio started writing at the tender age of five, and has lived a creative life full of writing songs, poetry, and screenplays, pursuing her MBA.

Love was admitted as a screenwriting fellow at Columbia University for her short play, As the Vow Breaks. Upon completion of her screenwriting fellowship her play Eating for Two was performed at a small theater in New York’s Lower East Side as a part of a female ensemble.

She is the author of Karma Under Fire, the first installment of a three-part series. An expanded edition of the book was released in December of 2023. Be on the lookout for upcoming book tour dates for 2024 along with a forthcoming feature film adaptation.

Love’s passion for travel is reflected in her books as she transports readers between the southern sweetness of Georgia to other picturesque locations around the world. She believes that the love you give away will find it’s way back you. Her books reflect this truth. Love currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband, their two sons, and pet Morkie.

"Your light doesn't dim when you ignite someone else's flame"

- Love Hudson Maggio -

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